Who We Are?

Anthony Gaona

Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez and Anthony Gaona, each with six years of experience, are skilled Texas ranch flippers. They focus on revitalizing expansive ranch properties that face challenges in the current real estate market. Their process involves enhancing the ranch's condition, much like a home remodel, by clearing brush and trees, and installing roads and wells as necessary. A native of San Antonio, TX, Anthony has been an entrepreneur for 15 years and understands the Texas markets very well. We are starting to take are specific knowledge into other states as well into 2024.

How Do We Do It?


Greenville, TX- 350 acres

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Hello Kathy,I had a conversation with Anthony today, and he mentioned that he'd like me to forward some documentation from our previous deals. Additionally, I've attached a YouTube video that showcases one of the live deals we successfully closed earlier this year, featuring a 350-acre property in Greenville, Texas. We're genuinely interested in collaborating with you on your horse park project and believe we're the right team for the job. Over the years, we've assisted clients in similar situations, handling challenging properties due to their size, asset classes, or business complexities. Our specialization lies in large ranch properties, and we'd be delighted to address any inquiries you might have. Feel free to contact me or Anthony at 210-288-4266. Thank you for your time. Best regards,

Frequently Asked Questions?

How long does it take to complete?

We strive to expedite our due diligence process as much as possible. However, certain factors beyond our control affect project timelines, including interactions with county authorities and third-party service providers such as local water, electric, survey, well, septic, and engineering companies responsible for property analysis. While we have established connections to facilitate the process, it's important to note that some aspects still require time. Unlike many of our larger competitors who typically take up to 24 months or more to complete similar projects, we usually finish within 9 to 12 months in most cases.

Why Seller Financing?

A real estate seller might prefer seller financing over a cash transaction due to tax-related advantages. Seller financing allows the seller to spread the capital gains from the sale over time, potentially reducing their immediate tax liability. By receiving payments in installments, the seller can minimize the impact of a large, one-time capital gains tax hit, benefiting from lower effective tax rates. This arrangement can also provide opportunities for the seller to take advantage of deductions and defer taxes while earning interest on the financed amount, making it a tax-efficient option compared to an all-cash sale.

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What is Investment Income and Expenses?

This IRS code provides guidelines and regulations that dictate how the tax treatment of income from selling property over time is handled. It outlines the rules for recognizing and reporting income when a seller receives payments in installments, enabling individuals to potentially defer taxes and spread their tax liability over the installment period. These regulations are vital for real estate sellers to comprehend, as they impact how income from such transactions is taxed, potentially offering tax-saving opportunities compared to lump-sum cash sales.

IRS Section 453


Where/ What Do we Buy?

  • Texas (other states)- within 60 minutes of a major city

  • We will buy floodzone properties

  • We have bought homes with older barns/homes and trash on property

  • We like properties with at least 100 feet of frontage to any road

  • We like any size property above 5-2000 acres in Texas (other states that have smaller are welcome)